Christian Taber – Student Profile


Shannon Hayes, Student Journalist

Between the variety of AP courses and extracurricular activities Seton offers, it’s clear our school wants students to challenge themselves outside the classroom. Christian Taber, a current sophomore, is one example of how students use these opportunities to grow.

When he isn’t watching an old sitcom or listening to his five and a half hour Christmas playlist, Christian can likely be found on the golf course. He’s been a proud member of Seton’s golf team since 7th grade, and wishes they could play in both the fall and spring. This year, the team won the Section IV Class B Championship. “That was definitely the highlight of the season,” he commented.

Christian is also a new member of Key Club, and mentioned how excited he is to start designing service projects. In addition to smaller projects, he’s tried to throw together a couple of major ones so far, although they haven’t panned out. But Christian doesn’t plan on letting some difficulties stop him. “So far I haven’t gotten any to actually get to the finish line, but to try and come up with some, it’s been a challenge.” A challenge that he seems to be embracing. He’s mentioned that he has several projects in the works for a future date, although he can’t give any details yet.

But Christian’s true passion is in business. He’s been interested in the field since elementary school when he started watching the stock market (and gave his 5th grade teacher daily stock updates after class). He’s really enjoyed the business classes that Mr. Wan has added to the program over the years, and is looking forward to seeing what’s next. 

Christian likes the leadership and management aspect of business: Steering a team in the right direction? Or keeping a project on track? That’s right up his alley. “Watching a team project progress from just an idea is something real is very rewarding.”

This directorial suitability is reflected in his ambition in Key Club, team projects, and golf, as well as how he manages his school work. Christian has already started taking AP classes and is looking forward to taking more. 

Christian learns most effectively when teachers make the lesson relatable. When they tell stories, it’s easier to visual and conceptualize. “If I have a way of remembering it that ties into my personal life, that always helps.” Christian would like to thank his Algebra teacher, Mrs. Tyrrell, for exemplifying this perfectly. 

Christian believes a lot of his success comes from time-management. His number one piece of advice? “Always have a planner.” He suggests writing down every task and crossing them out as you go. Finding the balance in your life is hard (especially between sports, clubs, school, and family), but well worth the effort. “It is something that takes a long time to come even close to mastering, but to get some form of that balance is absolutely necessary,” he explained. “If you don’t, chances are you’re going to be struggling to fit things into your schedule, running all over the place, and not knowing what to do first.” He’s been using planners since fourth grade, and highly recommends them.

Some extra advice he has for students going into business is to watch the movie The Founder. It follows the man behind the expansion of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc, and how he spread the small burger stand across the world. Christian recommends the film for its good lessons – and warnings. “The guy’s ambition became an uncontrollable obsession, and he started cheating people. Watching something like that – it’s fun to think about how I would do it differently.” For Christian, it’s a good reminder of how morals need to come first in business.