The Huge Success that is Disney+’s Andor



The latest live-action installment in the beloved Star Wars franchise has come and gone, and it came in the form of Disney+’s series Andor. This series follows Cassian Andor, first seen in Rogue One, who tries to find his way in life after being hunted by the ruthless Galactic Empire. With a great cast and a thrilling story, this show has quickly become one of the most talked-about on the streaming service, despite the lack of initial hype and advertisement. Let’s take a closer look at what sets Andor apart from other Star Wars shows.

Storytelling and Pacing

The storytelling structure of Andor makes it stand out from other Star Wars series by taking a much more patient, methodical approach to developing its characters and plot. While many other Star Wars shows are quick-to-action sequences and heavy in thrilling moments, Andor focuses more on building relationships and exploring the characters. This allows viewers to better understand their struggles, motivations, and dilemmas as they progress through the episodes. Additionally, this slower pace also helps to set up stakes for later episodes as the tension begins to build. The storytelling in Andor is top of the line, as it moves seamlessly between intense, action-filled moments, and quieter, reflective, emotional scenes.

There’s never too much or too little happening at any given moment. Each episode moves along just quickly enough to keep viewers engaged without leaving any loose ends. Even the slower episodes have a purpose, as they explain the situation and build drama until the arc’s climax. Every scene serves an important purpose in progressing the story forward, without forgetting to include action and thrill. There’s an atmosphere of suspense that hangs in the air throughout each episode as well. You always feel like some bigger threat is lurking just around the corner. It’s exciting, while also keeping you on your toes and feeling in the moment when the suspense hits its peak.


Another element that sets Andor apart is its atmosphere. This show takes place during a time that was ripe with conflict, as the Galactic Republic had just been reorganized into the Galactic Empire, and the Jedi were all but extinct. It adds an extra layer of tension to every scene, which you can see in the character’s faces and hear in their dialogue when they discuss this new order. Even when no one is fighting or you can hear a pin drop, there is still a feeling of unease that is prevalent in each episode, making it feel like anything could happen.  And while there are plenty of action scenes throughout the show, they feel all the more exciting because of the tension and suspense that has been built up around them, instead of the show just bouncing from one fight to another. It makes you feel like every fight is important, everyone has something on the line, and you don’t know how it will end.

In comparison to other Star Wars series like The Mandalorian, Andor stands out because of its unique, refreshing style and tone. It feels more grounded, gritty, and realistic than other entries in the franchise. Andor focuses on real stakes and their consequences rather than constant action and clear-cut “good vs. evil” storytelling. Every character has a gray area; their own agendas, motivations, and goals. The show can leave you questioning if the good guys are really the good guys at all. This style of character gives us a much better understanding of how dire things were during the rule of the Galactic Empire, and how many were willing to do whatever it took just to survive.

Disney+’s Andor is an exciting new addition to the ever-growing collection of Star Wars television shows. Its focus on characters and plot makes it unique to other entries into the franchise while still providing plenty of action and thrill for fans. It’s a thrilling journey where viewers can learn about complex characters while also experiencing an intense atmosphere of suspense and heart-racing action. From its incredible storytelling structure to its tense moments, Andor is well worth checking out, for both veteran fans and newcomers alike.