Seton Shots: The Man Behind the Camera


Tait Christensen, Student Journalist

This past school year, the Seton sports community has seen the emergence of a photography superhero of sorts. Donning the name “Seton Shots”, the Saints’ new personal events photographer has made appearances at almost every major Seton sporting event since the fall. Driven by his new-found passion for taking pictures, Andy Young, aka Seton Shots, has become the premier photographer for all Saints sporting events.

Young’s beginnings in photography stem from film-making, where he began his career as a visual storyteller.  In college, he was gifted a film camera by his brother and began using it to capture the world around him. His passion for capturing the world around him was first realized through film-making, but he quickly began branching out into taking pictures. “I grew up in Buffalo, so Niagara Falls was my favorite location.”, says Young. He especially recalls taking photos of Niagara Falls at night during the Festival of Lights.


 In 2017, Young decided to give shooting photos another shot. He picked up a DSLR camera and fell back in love with all of the intricacies of taking pictures. When the Coronavirus lockdown hit, Young lost his ability to go outside and take pictures. This didn’t kill his passion though, as he took the time to learn even more about the art. “I started watching a lot of photography channels on YouTube,” he tells us. As his knowledge of shooting and editing grew more and more, so did his desire to share his work. Now that sports are back in full swing, Young has taken the opportunity to provide Saints athletes with professional, high-quality, and free pictures of them in action. 

Starting this year, under the alias “Seton Shots”, Young has made it to countless events, and the quality of his photographs has only improved over time. Throughout the year, Young has improved his photo quality through upgraded equipment and editing. He even upgraded to a semi-professional lens for basketball season. “As for editing, it has taken my photos to the next level. There is so much data that the camera captures. All you need is an editing software to highlight what’s important,” he tells us. Seton Shots has truly invested a lot of time and energy into making his photos the best he can, and it shows. His posts have begun to rack up hundreds of likes on Instagram, and so many young athletes have shown their appreciation to Seton Shots on social media. “I do it for the students,” Young told us. As Young’s level of equipment and expertise grew, so did his enthusiasm for what he does. “It makes me happy to share great shots with athletes and others who enjoy it,” Young says. Andy Young’s love for sports and photography has led him to become a staple at all major Saints sporting events. If you show up to the big game, you can bet that you’ll see Seton Shots in the stands or on the baseline. You can find Seton Shots on Instagram at @seton_shots or visit to see all of his Saints pictures.