Riley Callahan – Athlete Profile


Tait Christensen, Student Journalist

Fourth-year varsity lacrosse player Riley Callahan hopes to lead his team to new heights this season. Following his commitment to St. John Fisher College, the senior took the time to reflect with us on his lacrosse career thus far with the saints, and speak with us about his college choice and upcoming senior campaign.

Riley’s loyalty to the seton program runs deep. He recalls his first memory of playing in a Saints uniform during his seventh-grade modified year. Although not the most successful of seasons, it would lay the foundation for Riley to become an exemplary leader, even through the rough patches. On modified he “battled through the season and tried to make the best of it”, even when the wins weren’t there. When asked to pick a word that describes his path so far, Riley chose perseverance. “There have been times when I wanted to quit… but I pushed through the challenges… I am very happy to be where I am today.”

This attitude of resilience has served Riley well thus far. Even when he underwent a major position change, switching from offense to defense his junior year, Riley has stayed the course. Riley’s relentless work ethic has helped make the decision worth his while, and he maintains a rigorous schedule that involves strength training and playing lacrosse year-round on a variety of travel teams. “I think playing with a variety of coaches and teammates makes me a better player. I also love to hit the gym with my friends. Getting stronger helps me have an advantage over my opponent.”

Being a senior this year, Riley is taking his role as a leader seriously. He hopes to pass down the lessons that Seton lacrosse has taught him throughout the years to the younger players. “I hope the younger players see me as a positive role model and most of all they see me having fun”. The brotherhood that comes with the team is Callahan’s favorite part about lacrosse. He knows that his teammates have his back, especially his fellow defensemen “which includes the goalie”. Riley values helping his teammates become better and is the definition of a team-first player. But it is not just about getting better at lacrosse for Riley, it is about having fun. “I love playing lacrosse and I hope that all of my teammates have just as much fun as I do.”   

When asked about why he chose St. John Fisher to continue his athletic and academic pursuits, Riley had this to say about the school. “It was a no-brainer for me. Dave Dobbins is a fantastic coach… When I toured the school I absolutely loved it, the facilities are amazing and the college is beautiful.” The small class sizes were also appealing to him, which he is used to coming from Seton Catholic. Riley plans on studying Computer Science or Cybersecurity in college. After college, he hopes to become a computer programmer or cybersecurity analyst in New York City.

Riley raved about Seton in our interview with him. He said that his favorite part about playing as a Saint is his love for the school. “…I can’t say I didn’t have a great time throughout my high school years. This school has taught me so much… I am forever grateful for having the chance to be a Saint.” Although he is ready for college, he is grateful for his time here at Seton and can not wait for the upcoming lacrosse season.

Riley is aiming high in his final lacrosse season here at Seton and wants to make a big run in sectionals. “This is without a doubt one of the most talented groups of guys to play for the program. I know we have what it takes to bring home the sectional championship.” We at The Voice of The Saints will be rooting for Riley and the team all season long, and can’t wait to see what they can accomplish together.