Rosalia McLaughlin – Athlete Profile

Picture taken by Mike OBrien

Picture taken by Mike O’Brien

Morgan Collett-OBrien, Student Journalist

Passing by the John G. Dowd Field of Dreams after school, you may notice Seton’s girls’ Varsity lacrosse team preparing for their upcoming season. With a little over a week until the team’s first game against Corning, these athletes have been doing a lot of running to improve their speed and endurance. As the team runs 5 ½ laps around the field to complete a mile, each player runs at their own pace. However, one can be expected always to pull ahead and finish the run before most: senior Rosalia McLaughlin. Rosalia is a midfielder on the lacrosse team, and her performance in games as a swift athlete reflects her ability to lead and encourage the team both on and off the field.

Rosalia started playing lacrosse in third grade and has played every year since: “I played because my parents wanted me to. Then in seventh grade, my first year on JV, I started to develop a like for the sport and the people I played with, which keeps me coming back each year.” 

In addition to lacrosse, Rosalia runs cross country in the fall, which has helped her performance as a midfielder. As the whistle blows to set off the draw, she can be found on the outer circle, ready to rush and seize the ball as it flies through the air. However, Rosalia’s expertise comes with lightning-quick turnovers. If the Saints’ defense manages to get hold of the ball, they look to a midfielder to return it to the offense. As a midfielder, a player spends the game running to both ends of the field, playing attack and defense, which becomes physically exhausting, affecting the player’s quality of play. However, Rosalia’s cross-country experience has prepared her for such circumstances. Receiving the ball, she is already on the move. She flies down the field, past the opposing offense attempting to regain control of the ball, with teammates and fans cheering her on. 

Both in games and practice, Rosalia has the ability to encourage and support her team onward: “There are times when team morale gets low. But I do what I can to stay positive and not give up until the end.” This optimistic attitude rubs off on her teammates and coaches alike, to whom she is beloved. Coach Alex Walsh highlighted several characteristics reflecting Rosalia’s heart in the game and dedication to her team. “Rosalia has a positive attitude, good work ethic, is a team player, and is committed to the team”. 

Her sunny disposition is an encouragement to those around her and brightens their day. Coach Walsh described such an instance; When a team member shows up late, it may mean extra running for the whole team. One day, Rosalia was running late for practice: “I told the team they didn’t have to run if she showed up with a smile on her face,” Coach Walsh said, “and obviously, she did. Rosalia’s never mad or sad, she is always so happy.”

Rosalia’s enthusiasm and hard work as a lacrosse player are reflected in both her athletic ability and the bond she has created with her coaches and peers. She offered a piece of advice to her fellow players and those who look to join the lacrosse team in the future: “Once you get past passing and catching, the sport can become a lot of fun, and don’t lose sight of the reason you are there: to have fun with your team!”