Seton Lacrosse: New Gear for a New Season


The new Maverick gloves provided to Seton lacrosse players

Brennan Cowden, Student Journalist

For many seasons, Seton’s lacrosse teams sported used equipment, worn and torn gear that faithfully served the players for years. Enduring time, the used equipment began to dirty, tear, and falter as their years of service continued. However, this year, Seton’s lacrosse teams were finally graced with new equipment, mainly concerning the elbow and hand areas. This new gear, provided by the Maverick brand, is not only sleek and new but features Seton colors and logos as well, a welcome addition to any player’s locker.

“The gloves feel a lot better, with a bit more grip to help with the stick. The magnetic strap on the wrist keeps the glove on. The elbow pads feel nicer too,” said junior varsity player Jack Zevan. The new gear comes with mechanical improvements, helping to increase performance and keep the player engaged in the game. Artemius Gehring expressed similar sentiments, saying, “the new gear fits great. The quality is exquisite and helps my performance because it fits nicer. It helps me play my best.” Other players agreed, generally saying that even if it didn’t directly enhance performance, it still felt better than the old gear and keeps them more concentrated on the game rather than readjusting their equipment.

Seton’s new thematic Maverick elbow pads

However, not all players are level on the new gear. Some still prefer their old gear, and players are welcome to use their own personal equipment while playing for Seton. “I like my old gear better, my old elbow pads actually stay on my elbow, but the new ones slide down no matter how tight they are,” expressed veteran player John Ricci. Issues like this could be cracked down to personal preference, an incorrect size, or other conditions like temperature and sweat.

Regardless of personal preference, players are thankful for their long-awaited gear upgrades, following the helmet replacements in the years prior. Players hope to see this trend continue as they pursue their careers in the sport for Seton, and are excited for this year’s season to begin.