Warner Brooks Student Profile

Warner Brooks Student Profile

Reece Goodman, Student Journalist

  The student experience here at Seton Catholic differs from person to person. Every student has teachers they like or opinions on how covid affected school. Warner Brooks shared some information about topics from her experience at school and her own personal advice and preferences.

Covid affected many students in different ways, some students loved that there was no real school but many others hated it. Covid took a toll on Warner’s education because she likes being in a classroom where it is easier for her to pay attention in a classroom setting than online. Warner likes the social aspect of school and is a very social person. Warner’s success came on the soccer field, she has always played soccer and never really had a love for the game. Being on a school team and meeting new people really made her fall in love with soccer and made her want to play it even more.                                                                   

Teachers can affect students in different ways, teachers help students learn and treat them as family here at Seton and that is very important for a student who may be struggling. All the teachers here at Seton are really good but the one who has made a huge impact on Warner is Mrs. Wright. She has helped Warner learn more about science and when Warner is confused Mrs. Wright always helped her Warner also added that Mrs. Wright “treated me as my own person.”

Something at Seton Warner will remember forever is the house Olympics. Warner likes the social aspect and likes to meet all the people from different grades. She also likes to learn and try new sports like ping pong and will remember the house Olympics for a long time. Warner’s advice to a new student would be to learn that if a class is hard a teacher is always there to help. Warner wants students to have fun at school because there are so many ways to have fun at Seton, she would tell new students to expect a warm welcome with Warner stating “Students are always nice, everyone was nice to me when I first came here”  a new student should be comfortable and have fun at Seton. A few of Warner’s goals for this year and next year are to get her grades up and to always try her best. Also to “talk to teachers and pay attention in class so I can go to a good college.” 

These are Warner’s student opinions on her personal goals and accomplishments. She wants to have fun at Seton and will cherish memories made here for the rest of her life.