How Do Teachers Help Seton To Stay at 100 Percent Graduation Rate?



Seton Catholic Central has a continuing 100 percent graduation rate. The school’s success in this area and credit goes to the faculty, staff, and the students themselves.     

The teachers here at Seton play a huge part to achieve this goal of a 100 percent graduation rate. Teachers help the students in many ways and teach their students individually. Mrs. Wright the science teacher here at Seton does this very well. She teaches every single student as their own person and is very willing to take the time out of her day to give extra help to students.       

Teachers here at Seton also will take time and make sure all the students understand what they are teaching before moving on to the next lesson. This also makes the students be more active in class, and not be afraid of asking a question.  The students know that their teacher will gladly go back, and review the material again with them either in class or in a one-on-one setting. One of the high school English teachers, Mrs. Williams, is very patient with her students and is more than happy to go back and review something if a student doesn’t understand an assignment. Since the teacher is patient the students are more open about asking questions and are more engaged in the classroom. 

Students who may need extra help with a certain subject, can come in during any free period and work one-on-one. This makes learning a bit easier because, it is just the student with no outside distractions from classmates. The student can ask more questions and be more vocal about what he or she is confused about.   

The teachers at Seton work very hard for their students and that is why Seton has a one hundred percent graduation rate. The teachers at Seton teach everyone as their own person and are very patient with the classes they teach. The students get a ton of help from these teachers helping to keep the 100 percent graduation rate here at Seton.