How Do Student Council Elections Work?


Reece Goodman, Student Journalist

Student Council is a group of students at Seton who make a lot of decisions about what is going on in the school. The student council election is decided by votes from grades 7-11. The student council is reelected with new and returning students every year at Seton.

The student council elections were intriguing this year. Every candidate had a unique speech with good key points that they specified for each of their topics. Whether it was, what would you change about the school, or how can the Seton improve outside of the classroom? After hearing the speeches from all ten candidates this year, each student voted for the two candidates that they wanted to be elected. The top three most popular voted candidates get elected to the student council.

How does a high school student-run for student council? Any high school student can run for student council but, there are usually 8-15 students who run every year. Depending on the year, it could be more or fewer. If a student wants to run for the council, they have to contact a current student council member or Mrs. Schmidt. The students will then talk to Mrs. Schmidt about running for the position and she will tell them what to do. First, the candidate needs to list what leadership skills they have. If Mrs. Schmidt approves of this, she will give the student a petition form. The student attempts to get ten total signatures from classmates or teachers to sign their petition. Then the student will receive a specific question from Mrs. Schmidt for their speech. The student then prepares and writes their speech. To help the candidate’s campaign, they should ask about what other students would like to change or improve in the school. This helps the candidate with their speech and gives them more information on what certain points they want to emphasize in their speech. 

The students will eventually stand up in front of the whole school and, give key points in their own speeches. Grades 7-11 will then vote for two of the students, and the top three most popular candidates will be elected. After the voting process is done the senior student council members and Mrs. Schmidt will look at the votes and tell the student council members who got elected and who didn’t. Mrs. Schmidt will then converse with the seniors of the student council and will appoint the other 3 members by their choice or on who they think would be the best fit for the position. The results of the election are then announced to the whole school after the decisions are made. This describes the process of trying to become a student council member here at Seton.