Senior Showcase: Ethan Morales

Gavin Quinones, Writer

Ethan Morales is a senior at Seton who has run Track and Cross Country for 4 years. He has made the state meet twice and has a personal record of 5:15 for the mile. What makes Ethan so successful is his hard work and dedication. During the cross-country season, Ethan got off to a slow start with a 5k time of 22:37. However, through perseverance, Ethan finished the season with a 5k time in 19 minutes. Ethan would run 5 miles in the morning before every practice during the cross-country season.

However, not only does Ethan run, but he also does Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a form of martial art that is characterized by kicking and punching. Ethan is a black belt in Taekwondo and has been doing Taekwondo for many years. Despite hitting a plateau as a result of Covid, Ethan always persevered. At the STAC qualifiers, Ethan ran a 5:12 mile. Not only was this an all-time best, but this was also the first time Ethan had run a sub 5:20 since Covid started.

Ethan always finds a way to persevere. Even during the winter when he had to go to his Taekwondo studio and his treadmill broke, he still found a way to train. Even during the bitterly cold winter, Ethan trained hard to meet his goals. Ethan is also very knowledgeable. Ethan has a specific workout plan that he follows. He has a specific routine of stretches. These stretches help warm up the muscles without being overly strenuous.

Ethan plans to go to St. John Fisher College. He plans to run for the cross-country team, the indoor track team, and the outdoor track team. Ethan believes that he will make huge strides at St. John Fisher. He believes this is a result of the positive reputation of the coaching staff. Ethan plans to go to college for at least 4 years.